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Ploni Bouman - Real Estate Agent Bouman Makelaardij - Vlaardingen

ABOUT BOUMAN Makelaardij

Better service by staying small

On August 1, 1999 I started Bouman Makelaardij. It is a sole proprietorship, or rather a sole proprietorship. I mainly make my appointments at people's homes, in their own environment. This is much more informal; people therefore feel more at ease. I have been working in real estate since 1981; in 1991 I was sworn in as a real estate agent.

The idea of starting an office myself was partly inspired by the fact that I wanted to give a more personal approach and treatment to my clients, whereby quality and service as well as integrity and involvement are paramount.

My activities mainly consist of mediation in the purchase and sale of homes in existing buildings and new construction and valuations of various kinds.

As a member of the trade association NVM, I am supported by a professional club of legal, commercial and educational experts. Partly thanks to the NVM's compulsory additional training, the professional knowledge remains at the highest possible level and that is in the interest of my clients.

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